Ah, video games. Is the world of consoles and controllers uncharted territory for you? If you have a gamer on your holiday shopping list, have a look at the following gift ideas for inspiration. First things first: find out what gaming platform he or she uses and make sure that the gift you choose is compatible.  

1. A gift card for a video game store, a prepaid game card or a subscription to an online gaming service (these unlock on­line multiplayer gaming and access to exclusive content like additional features) 

2. A new game (find out what they like and ask an employee at your local game store for suggestions based on that)

3. A high-quality wireless headset with microphone

4. A new console (budget permitting)

5. For a PC gamer, a gaming keyboard or mouse  

6. A steering wheel for racing games

7. Extra controllers to let more friends in on the fun 

8. A charging station for wireless controllers 

9. Books about the video game industry (the history of video games or a cult game encyclopedia, for instance)

10. Clothing (t-shirts, slippers, scarves) or other merchandise (figurines, plush toys, key chains, flash drives, beer steins, coffee mugs) related to their favourite ga­mes or characters