Buying local not only makes your life easier, but also helps stimulate your region’s economy. With the holiday season fast approaching, here are a few great reasons to do all of your Christmas shopping close to home.

Less distance, greater fuel savings

Shopping at neighbourhood stores goes a long way toward minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. The holiday season is all about giving, so why not give back to the planet as well? Furthermore, try to do your Christmas shopping on foot as much as possible. After all, walking is excellent exercise!

Local shops, unlimited selection

Clothing boutiques, art galleries, spas, candy stores, bookstores — you’ll certainly find something to please everyone on your list by shopping local. Psst! If you’ve always wanted to check out that quaint little boutique at the corner of the street, now’s the time to do so! Who knows, you might make some amazing discoveries.

Local vendors, superior service

Take advantage of local business owners’ expert knowledge when buying that perfect Christmas gift for your friend or family member. These friendly merchants are committed to offering the highest quality of service to their loyal customers. After all, your patronage is part of the reason they’re still in business! What’s more, keep in mind that returning and exchanging items is much simpler when you do business close to home. Bought the wrong size? Noticed a defect? Your local business owner can have the problem solved in a jiffy!

Quality products, fair prices

Have you noticed that certain products are slightly more expensive in smaller, local shops? Well, think about it: is it really worth driving to another city, looking for parking in crowded lots and racking up mileage just to save a few dollars? Logic states that you have everything to gain from shopping local. Remember: when you support small businesses, you contribute to the local economy and generate positive change in your community. With time, new businesses will pop up, infrastructure will evolve and greener spaces will abound.

Christmas markets 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover the work of talented local artists, entrepreneurs and craftspeople, who set up shop each year in these festive marketplaces! Jewelry, clothing, accessories, decorations, toys, soaps, chocolates, sculptures, books, paintings — hundreds of unique, carefully crafted goods are waiting to be discovered!