Are you looking for ideas for a gift exchange or a baby on the way whose sex remains a mystery? Perhaps you simply wish to avoid falling into stereotypical gender traps. In any case, here are seven suggestions that anyone can appreciate to help you get inspired!

For adults

1. A mouth-watering gift: fine chocolates, aromatic coffee, kettle corn, locally made jams — there’s a tasty treat out there for every palate!  

2. A practical gift: a travel mug, a set of knives, a cozy blanket, a calendar, a notebook — if you opt for neutral colours and motifs, there are tons of useful gadgets to choose from for every personality type!

3. A gift card: restaurants, movie theatres, bookstores, public markets, outdoor shops, gas stations — the possibilities are endless!

For kids

4. A gender-neutral gift: a medical kit, a construction set, bath toys, a rattle, a stuffed animal, a ball — if you avoid gender-specific colours (like pink and blue), there are many toys available to please both girls and boys!  

5. A book: not every book is about princesses and knights in shining armour! Choose a story that can be enjoyed by all children, regardless of gender.

6. A puzzle: animals, kids playing, cartoon characters — you’ll find a plethora of puzzles featuring gender-neutral images.

For everyone

7. A board game: there are store shelves filled with board games for all ages, many of which are suitable for a large demographic, from kindergarteners to working adults.