Whether you’re travelling away this holiday season to see friends and family or simply want to send a homesick Nova Scotian a gift to remind them of home, choose something that reconnects them with their Province in a new and unique way.

Sure you could travel over to surprise them... But in the likely chance that you can't afford to do so, here are some little reminders that say, "I miss you" and “wish you were home.” The criteria for the list are that the gifts are thoughtful, beautiful, Nova Scotian made and lightweight enough to carry in your luggage or send by mail.

Bad Mouth Soap

Handcrafted, small batch soaps with mostly organic and vegan ingredients and a good dose of East Coast humour.

www.badmouthsoap.com $6.50

Aflame Creations

Colourful enamelled copper jewellery, handmade in Halifax by designer Megan Archer of Aflame Jewellery Design. The quote on the pendant says, "In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans.” The pendant is 2" and includes an 18" stainless steel chain. $44
www.aflamecreations.ca or they can be found upstairs at the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market every Saturday.

Seastar Pottery

Iris Patterson is a potter based in Three Fathom Harbour where daily life spent on the beach and snorkelling in and around the coves is where she gets her inspiration for her unique handcrafted stoneware collection. Each jellyfish mug is a one of kind piece of art. $38


New Scotland Clothing Company

Family, friends, music and home is what’s important to Dartmouth based founders and brothers Kevin and Scott Saccary. It’s what pushes them to create and curate new traditions that are reflected in their clothing that combines their passion for style, music and curling. Their unique and original apparel consists of everything from t-shirts to hoodies, baring their signature lion crest and promoting their slogan “Share your Pride. Wear your Roots. Look out for their pop up store at Halifax Shopping Centre for Nov & Dec.


All For Knot

Nova Scotia artisan Angela Worsley and owner of All For Knot Rope Weaving has a passion for the wild North Atlantic, which she shares with many who call the Maritimes home. Using traditional basket weaving techniques, her bowls come in a range of nautical colours.


The Glass Bakery

Cara Wedgbrow based in Mill Cove, NS is the artisan behind the Glass Bakery. Each of her pieces is handcrafted from layers of fused glass that are textured with a sandlike grit. Inspired by the ocean she has produced a series of whimsical shorebirds. $35


Rug Hooking Kits

From her rug-hooking studio in downtown Amherst, Deanne Fitzpatrick transforms old clothes and pieces of wool into works of art. Hand drawn patterns depicting Maritime life is hand drawn onto burlap and tucked into little kits containing everything you need to teach yourself to hook rugs. Each kit contains a pattern, wool, instructions and colour key. $39.95