Are you fond of giving culinary-inspired gifts during the holidays? Candies, jellies, jams, liqueurs and other delicacies are a natural choice when it comes to spoiling the foodies on your list. But how often do you pay attention to where those tasty treats were made? This year, upgrade your holiday shopping routine by purchasing only locally sourced food products. After all, your family and friends deserve the best!

Higher quality

Philosophically, local producers and mass producers couldn’t be more different. While the latter prioritize volume and profit, the former — your neighbourhood bakers, butchers and farmers — produce at a smaller scale and aim for quality above all else. To meet these high standards, they use superior, healthier ingredients, making the final product a step above similar mass-made options found at the supermarket.

Better value

Buying your edible gifts from local producers helps advance your region’s economic vitality and creates jobs for your neighbours. Need a little something for your kids’ teacher or the host of a holiday dinner party? Opt for a bottle from a nearby winery or a jelly from the neighbourhood orchard. Small choices like these go a long way toward building a prosperous, thriving community. 

Healthier planet

What’s the main difference between a box of chocolates that travelled thousands of kilometres before ending up at your neighbourhood store and one that was made a few steps from your house? Their carbon footprint, of course! It can’t be said often enough: buying local reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps the fight against climate change. Something to keep in mind!

PC : From cheeses to chocolates and beyond, your local food producers are an infinite source of tasty gift ideas for the holidays.