Do you love a good Christmas movie? Think you know them like the back of your hand? Let’s see if you can correctly answer these 15 questions!

Which movie came out first?

1. Home Alone or National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation?

2. The Santa Clause or Jingle All The Way?

3. The Muppet Christmas Carol or The Nightmare Before Christmas?

4. Elf or The Polar Express?

5. Love Actually or The Holiday?

What’s the name of…

6. The elf played by David Krumholtz in The Santa Clause? 

7. The Grinch’s dog in How the Grinch Stole Christmas?

8. Doris’s daughter in Miracle on 34th Street?

9. Kevin’s mother in Home Alone?

10. The two sisters in White Christmas?

Random trivia

11. What toy is Howard desperately looking for in Jingle All The Way?

12. What does Clark hope to buy with his Christmas bonus in The Santa Clause?

13. What musical instrument does Jack give Charlie in Jack Frost?

14. In which English county is Iris’s cottage located in The Holiday?

15. In what fictional city does the Gremlins movie take place?






  1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,    1989 (Home Alone, 1990)  
  2. The Santa Clause, 1994 (Jingle All The Way, 1996)  
  3. The Muppet Christmas Carol, 1992 (The Nightmare Before Christmas, 1993) 
  4. Elf, 2003 (The Polar Express, 2004) 
  5. Love Actually, 2003 (The Holiday, 2006) 
  6. Bernard 
  7. Max 
  8. Susan 
  9. Kate 
  10. Betty and Judy Haynes 
  11. A Turbo Man action figure 
  12.  A pool 
  13. A harmonica 
  14. Surrey 
  15. Kingston Falls