Do you love the many different Christmas decorations that light up the holiday season? Are you an avid DIYer? If you have a few glass jars handy, you can create a magical Christmas village in just five easy steps!

1. Brainstorm

Determine what kind of village you wish to create (the North Pole, an enchanted forest, a rural town, etc.). Next, think about which elements you’ll include in your Christmas village (small houses, snowy trees, little skating figurines, reindeer, elves, penguins, etc.). Visit a Christmas boutique and crafts store in your area to get inspired!

2. Locate some jars

Next, you’ll need to collect a few jars of different sizes. Keep in mind that you’ll need one for every wintry scene imagined in the previous step.

3. Let it snow

Pour some artificial snow or table salt in each jar to create a carpet of snow for your winter wonderland.

4. Piece together each scene

Place the different elements of your Christmas village in each jar. For a truly magical effect, decorate the jars with bells, holly, pine branches, ribbon, glitter and candy canes, among other embellishments.

5. Light up your village

Once you’ve placed your Christmas village beneath the tree (or wherever you want it to be on display), decorate the area with strings of lights or tiny lanterns, and watch your village come to life!