Here are a few gift ideas to put a smile on your favourite bookworm’s face this Christmas. 

Obviously, all book lovers appreciate a good read. If you know their literary preferences — and which titles already grace their shelves — then a good book or a riveting magazine is your best bet! Furthermore, you could always try to get your hands on a rare edition of their favourite book. Other winning options include a subscription to a literary magazine or a gift card to spend at a local bookstore.   

Consider their reading habits. A bathtub tray, a soft cushion or an assortment of hot chocolates, for example, could all make excellent gifts! Similarly, various reading aids and accessories (reading lamp, decorative bookends, personalized bookmark, etc.) could be just what your bookworm needs.  

A charm shaped like a book, coasters with famous passages engraved on the surface, a notebook signed by a famous author — there are tons of unique accessories available on the market for the literature lovers in your life. Why not buy a game, puzzle or mug featuring characters from their favourite book? And if the tale in question was made into a movie, a copy of the film could make a great gift. 

Lastly, there are numerous literary-themed board games available in stores to test the wits of the avid readers in your entourage.