Do your friends love to toast on special occasions? Do they love sharing drinks with friends on a Friday night, or chasing away the winter blues with a mug of something warm? Here are a few drinkable gift ideas they’re sure to love.


Vanilla, caramel, peppermint, oolong, pu’erh, matcha, ginger — there’s a lot more than Earl Grey on today’s tea scene. 

Hot chocolate

Whether store-bought or homemade (you’ll find tons of recipe ideas online), nothing beats a soothing mug of hot chocolate on a cold winter day.

Herbal teas

Great for relaxation, digestion or simply warming up, herbal teas are renowned for their many virtues. Sweet, tart or spicy — what flavours do your friends and family most enjoy? 


Latté mixes, flavoured coffees, im­ported coffees, sustainable brands; there’s a wide range of specialty coffees available on the market today. Give so­meone a bag of their favourite blend, or help them discover something new! 


For the hops lover in your life, an assortment of locally brewed beers should do the trick. 


Sparkling or flat, iced or warm, cider has the ability to make all taste buds happy — as an aperitif or for dessert, or even along with the main course!

Wine and spirits

Whether your friends prefer wine or brandy, you can’t go wrong by giving your hosts a nice bottle to share on a special occasion.

Are you looking for something unique? Why not wrap up some artisanal soft drinks, or even a few bottles of luxury sparkling water?