Do you want to offer a gift to someone who loves to travel but can’t necessarily afford to venture too far? Here are a few great suggestions to help them discover new lands, no plane ticket required! 

  • A subscription to a travel magazine or a travel guide featuring the destination of their dreams, the most worthwhile cruises or the best places to visit in all four corners of the globe for food, fashion, outdoor adventures, etc. 
  • A book, movie or television series set in a foreign country, which audiences can enjoy discovering as the story unfolds. 
  • Traditional Russian, African or Chinese dance lessons, a CD featuring music from around the world or tickets to a Flamenco show. 
  • A gift card for a restaurant serving international cuisine or a cookbook/cooking class to learn how to concoct traditional dishes from around the globe. 
  • A travel-themed board game or one that focuses on geographical knowledge.   
  • A calendar with pictures of some of the most beautiful landscapes worldwide or a book featuring the greatest landmarks in the world. 
  • A beautiful atlas, an old-fashioned globe or a decorative world map.